For authors

The article corresponds to the journal’s problematics.

This article has not been previously published, nor given to another journal for consideration and publication.

Article’s text consists of the main structural elements (the problem in general, analysis of recent studies, article's goal, presentation of the main research, conclusions).

The article file should be submitted in .doc/.docx format.

The publication must contain Ukrainian and English annotations of at least 1800 graphic characters, including keywords.

"References" is submitted after the list of used literature. For the transliteration of texts in Ukrainian it is necessary to be guided by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of January 27th, 2010, № 55 ( To automate the transliteration process, it is possible to using the software accessible at the site of on-line transliteration by the following address: For the transliterations of texts in Russian the US State department system can be used:

After the automatic transliteration it is necessary to verify the correctness of the received result and to make necessary corrective amendments, if any.

The transliterated literature and sources should contain only elements significant for the analytical processing (the author’s first name, paternal name, and surname, the title of a primary source, and the input data). In the list of references the titles of works in the languages with other than Roman letters should be translated in English and placed into square brackets; the titles of sources should be transliterated and in the end the source language should be specified in square brackets.

When quoting a book, the name of the publishing house (if it is an institution) should be translated into English, in other cases it should be transliterated and the place of publication should be translated.

When the article is writing in English, the references are made to the transliterated variant of the literature and sources.

The paper manuscript is submitted to the editorial office in the form of: a manuscript file sent to the e-mail address of the editorial office: or in the format "Author - Article title.doc".

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