The authors published in this journal agree with following conditions:

  1. The authors reserve to themselves the right to the authorship of their works and transfer the right of their first publication to the journal on the terms of Creatіve Common Attrіbutіon Lіcense which allows to freely extend to other persons the published work with an obligatory reference to the authors of the original work and its first publication in this journal.
  2. The authors have the right to complete independent additional agreements concerning the not exclusive distribution of their work in the form in which it was published in this journal (for example, to place the work in the electronic storehouse of an establishment or to publish as a monograph component), under the condition of the preservation of the reference to the first publication of the work in this journal.
  3. The journal’s policy allows and encourage the authors to place their manuscripts into the Internet (for example, in depositories of establishments or on personal web-sites) either before submitting of the manuscript for publication or during its editorial processing as it assists the occurrence of a productive scientific discussion and positively affects the efficiency and dynamics of citing of the published work.